Innovation Through Experience

US Sound Technologies offers proprietary products,

methods of design, manufacture and installation of

High Directivity Sound Systems.


During the past 40 years we have made discoveries that have set new standards in sound quality for public assembly facilities. Our discoveries rival those of the in-home and car audio experience. We pioneered customer satisfaction and accountability by creating the concept of a free side by side listening comparison with any competitor, so the customer could determine for themselves which system was superior. (Try Before You Buy).  We are so certain of our technology that we are confident in offering a 100% money back guarantee, so the customers  have total confidence in the final result. (Excellent Sound Quality and Reliability).


The satisfied clients we have serviced through the years are a testament to the pioneering spirit of US Sound Technologies.


With the new discoveries utilized in our Proprietary Powerflight Systems, we are continuing our quest to set even higher standards for the industry, ensuring the highest quality performance while continuing to guarantee total customer satisfaction.


All of us at US Sound Technologies look forward to serving  your audio needs now and in the future.

1. Ultra Light Weight

2. High Power Handling

3. Smooth Pattern Transition

4. Narrow Coverage Patterns

5. Demonstrable Performance
6. Five year Limited Warranty
7. Extraordinary Musical Detail

8. Unsurpassed Voice Intelligibility

9. 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Try It Before You Buy It!

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